Transfer Factor: Superb Immune Support

For over ten years, I have had the opportunity to investigate hundreds of natural compounds. I can honestly report that the compound I discuss in this booklet ranks as the most fascinating and promising among the natural “heavyweights.” After 3,000 peer-reviewed studies and fifty years of research, transfer factor isolate supplements are finally available to the general public. The review of transfer factors contained in this booklet may be the most important health news you will ever see.

Transfer factor is a term you will undoubtedly be hearing about in your neighborhoods and communities. These factors are creating unprecedented interest in the world of both alternative and conventional therapies.

Transfer factors are not vitamins, minerals, herbs, hormones or drugs. Transfer factors contain nothing foreign, nothing toxic, or nothing counter-productive.

Their health potential is considered by many health experts to be the most exciting discovery in immunology and disease prevention to date. In assessing the enormous value of a transfer factor supplement for you or your family, consider the following questions:

Do you get recurring colds and sore throats easily?
Do you or other members of your family fight chronic infections? Does cancer run in your family?

Would you like to make your family more disease resistant with advanced immune support for life?

Would you like to shorten the duration of infections without becoming dependent on antibiotics?

Would you like to investigate the possibilities of a supplement so advanced in the way it fights disease that it cannot be classified as a vitamin, herb, mineral or any other compound?

Transfer factors are turning the heads of health professionals everywhere. Why?

The key to future health is to strengthen our immune defenses. Before we do anything else, we need to target immunity. So, before you take a whole host of supplements to enhance your health, begin with immune support.

Dr Richard Bennet, Ph.D., an immunologist and expert in infectious disease, has said, “it’s in our ability to create a really healthy immune system, which I think represents the greatest potential in gains in human health in the world. If we can do something to make us all just a little bit more healthy, there’s going to be less disease and less suffering.”

One thing I have learned over the course of my own investigative research is that when it comes to health, we often put the cart before the horse. Clearly, we diminish the value of using alternative treatments to fight off infections after we get sick if we neglect to keep our immune machine in tip top shape when we’re in between illnesses. Whether we will live a healthy or a debilitated life depends solely on the health of our immune system.

Out of all the natural immune builders available, transfer factor holds the most promise. Relatively new to the market, every consumer who wants that extra edge in wellness needs to become familiar with the remarkable properties of transfer factor. It has already exceeded expectations and is clearly ahead of its time.


4Life Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Formula
4Life Transfer Factor Tri-Factor Formula

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